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Monte & Amanda


Monte, Amanda, and The Dogs

Monte and Amanda are the best of friends and have been married to each other for 28 years. Monte was born and raised in Louisville, KY and Amanda is from Detroit, MI. Monte’s background is in RFID automation and logistics. Amanda’s background is in communications and business management. They now live in Florida where Amanda is the President of MCB and Monte runs his tech business. They both volunteer for the local fire department, Humane Society, and breast cancer association.

The Company Idea


Monte Lucas was working for a company that allowed him to travel the world. He spent many hours in and out of airports and customs lines. From time to time, he would see a clear tote or backpack and thought how easy getting through security lines would be!

He was laid off, like thousands of other employees, right after 9/11. He began thinking to himself about the importance of security in our country, both within the private sector and public. He also began to think about how he could develop a quality clear bag to allow people a better sense of ownership and security within their school and workplace. In April of 2002, he approached his wife, Amanda, with a proposition…. “Would you take a leap of faith with me so I can start a clear bag internet based business?”

The answer was YES, and at first, Monte ran the company alone-out of the basement and garage. He believed in small, conservative growth. We have now been in business for 17 years and we still have that conservative thought process and try to keep everything “in house”. We cater to small and large clients, but every one of them receives the same high level of customer service and product. 

John & Julia


John & Julia

John and Julia reside in Louisville where they met and immediately knew they would be together forever. They spend a lot of their time helping others though various charities. They are very active in the Irish community as John is the President of the Ancient Order of Hibernians and Julia is the founding President of the Ladies AOH. They are very active supporting those in need. Their charitable endeavors translate into their careers as they support the customer needs and service to them. 

Joining MCB

John held many jobs in various industries before he landed at UPS. There he became proficient in logistics, technology,  and leading people both at the District and Region levels. John traveled extensively for UPS and saw the need for streamlined security processes. He also saw many businesses needing to improve security without slowing down their processes.  He retired from UPS and joined his lifelong friends Monte and Amanda to help MCB grow. Julia worked in law offices and is now a teacher specializing in special needs children in high school. Together John and Julia saw the need for the security minded approach to everyday life and bring their talents to compliment the company.