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You need clear because the job demands it or because your favorite event requires it. You have found the best quality clear products anywhere. Our quality is above all the competition and that is why we can offer a 3 Year Guarantee against manufacturers defects. No one else will match that. Buy it once and use it for years  


 We have been the industry leader in design. We invented the Event Cooler that everyone tries to copy but can't match in quality. Our Event is the only partially insulated cooler for your daily needs. We also have the only Business Brief available for the professional that needs clear carrying power. Two sizes of coolers, two sizes of backpacks, and more; all designed to meet your specific needs. 


 Julie from Madison, WI
"My Clear Backpack" makes the officers at the front door very happy. "Love that bag."  I tell them where it came from.  Other staff  notice and ask about it.  I show them how well constructed it is.  I bought the biggest backpack to put shoes in with my other stuff  when I wear boots to work.  We've been getting off easy this year, so I will put the purse inside the tote for compartments for less bulk in the nurses station. Or use them separately.  The lunch bag i ordered with the backpack is great too, if I'm traveling light.
Excellent product.

James from Lancaster, CA
I use your bag every day @ a prison were I constantly throw it in an x-ray machine. also use it on transports. It carries all my licenses and certifications and tons of water with breakfast and lunch. Had it for a while now and it shows no signs of wear.

Deborah from Phoenix, AZ
My husband works at a prison and having a clear lunch bag prevents his bag from being pawed and searched through by the security personnel with dirty hands at the front gate.  This is the second bag I have ordered for him and they last for several years.  He uses his 5 days a week. Thank you for having such a wonderful product.

Joseph from Granbury, TX

I have carried this pack for several years. It is the best quality I have ever found, and I own many other pieces of your line.   Thank you so much for your quality and dependability.  You are definitely one of the best businesses I deal with on a fairly regular basis and are in my top ten!  It is a pleasure doing business with you. I am seriously considering using these as Christmas gifts for my grandchildren as well (ages 16 - 3) 

Linda from St Joseph, MO
Wanted to let you know that you have the best clear bags. At work everything has to be in clear containers if you want to bring them into the secured side (I work in a secure area) .  I have 2 of your bags already-had them for the last 4 years and they are still in great shape even with the abuse I give them. I have used them to carry my school books and my lunch into work plus 2-3 bottles of water.  That was the main reason I purchased the first one, the amount of weight they would hold.  Again, Thank you for making such great bags and I will continue to tell everyone at work about them-I know of several co-workers that have purchased one from you since seeing how sturdy they are.